Thursday, September 18, 2014


2015-16 Audition Schedule



The Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Traveling Troupe is an outreach program that brings theatre to local elementary schools free of charge. Participation is by audition, and actors volunteer their time to travel one morning a week to perform on site at local elementary schools. Free community performances are also held at GRCT in March and as part of the Festival of the Arts in June. The Traveling Troupe presents a new show every year.

Open auditions Sunday, January 10th from 4pm to 7pm. Auditionees need to bring 16-32 bars of prepared sheet music (Broadway style) and be prepared to learn a short group dance audition, as well as read from the script. Perusal scripts can be checked out with a $10 deposit at the Civic Theatre Box Office M-F 9am-5pm.

Callbacks (if necessary) Monday, Jan. 11th at 7pm.

Yesterday Allie was just a normal kid, but today she’s headed into outer space! With the help of her trusty talking dog Captain Chaos and Rover the Dancing Robot from Mars, Allie’s on a mission across the solar system to save Earth, and maybe learn some things about science along the way. But she’d better be home in time for dinner! Grab your space suit and get ready for an adventure that’s out of this world!

Allie (F): G3 - F#5 (Soprano or high Mezzo) - An energetic eight year-old go-getter, she loves outer space and is looking for a best friend

Alien (F): A4 - C5 (Mezzo) - A cute and friendly extra-terrestrial who has crash landed on Pluto with a mysterious secret

Mom (F): G3 - D5 (Mezzo or Alto) - Allie's mom, a down-to-earth, loving single parent

President (M): A3 - F4 (Tenor-baritone)- An excitable, clumsy man, kind, confident, but often overwhelmed

Secret Service Agent Bob (M): A3 - F4 (Tenor-baritone)- A very serious Secret Service agent who works for the President

PAL 9000 (F) - The calm and practical supercomputer in Allie’s spaceship. Speaking Part.

Captain Chaos the dog (preferred M): C3 or Eb3 - Ab4 (Tenor or very low Alto) - A talking dog in a spacesuit who loves everything that begins with the letter "C"

Rover the Mars rover (preferred M): Eb3 - G4 (Tenor or low Alto) - A land rover sent by the Russians to explore Mars in 1971, he loves disco dancing and is looking for a way home

OTHERS - All doubled roles may be played by different actors. Added chorus optional.

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